For your daily design needs



Are you tired of paying a hefty bill every month for graphic design or website updates?

Do you need a service that can take care of your business’s day to day design needs?

If you answered “YES”, then our monthly subscription service is just what you need!

  • Unlimited Graphic Design

  • $Contact for rates /mo
    • Unlimited Requests
    • Unlimited Revisions
    • Free Stock Photos
    • No Contract
    • Quick Turnovers

  • Website Maintenance

  • $Contact for rates/mo
    • Website Content Updates
    • Image Updates and Resizing
    • Plugin Updates
    • Theme Updates
    • Customizable Plan Options

Are you interested in one of our plans or services? Please contact us through our form or directly by phone at 902.299.5545 and we’d be happy to discuss your business needs!

    Unlimited Graphic Design Plan

    These plans are amazing for your quick business design needs but do not cover all graphic design projects. Our list below will show you what we do and do not cover in our monthly subscriptions. For more complex design projects, contact us directly and we would be happy to give you a quote.

    We Cover

    Social media graphics such as ads, banners, cover photos, posts & event images

    Online ads such as popup ads, static images & banners, & wallpapers

    Blog post graphics - any image size image

    Flyers, posters and brochures in any size (digital and/or print)

    Business card design - any size

    Marketing and promotional items (digital and/or print)

    Real estate listing, property specs, sales sheets

    Vertical banners in any print size

    Various outdoor graphics such as billboards, bus wraps in any size or type

    Digital Mockups for any product type or format

    Existing logo update/resize or colour change

    We Do Not Cover

    Websites (creation or updating content)

    Logo creation

    Complex Illustrations

    Motion or video graphics

    App design, programming or coding

    3D, CAD or Photoshop art

    Packaging design

    Large mulit page projects (more than 10 pages)

    Complex image manipulation

    Website Maintenance Plan

    This plan works well for businesses that have website content that needs to be updated consistently. Some businesses that benefit from this service are real estate agencies, hair salons, restaurants, gyms, and other service related businesses.  There’s no need to hire a full-time graphic designer when simple updates are all you need. Our list below will show you what we do and do not cover in our monthly subscriptions. For more complex design projects, contact us directly and we would be happy to give you a quote.

    We Cover

    Updating website content

    Image resizing and updates

    Plugin updates

    Theme updates

    20 hours of dedicated website work each month

    We Do Not Cover

    Coding or programming

    SEO Optimization


    Domain support


    Is it really unlimited graphic design

    Yes, it is! You can submit as many work requests as you like. We will tackle your requests one at a time. Once you’re happy with your current request, we’ll work on your next design right away. You are assigned 1 designer, not a team. If you require multiple design requests running at once, you will need additional accounts.

    How long does it take to complete a work request

    Each request takes a minimum of 1 business day in most cases, depending on your plan and complexity of your design, it may take longer. We’ll keep working until you’re happy. On average, our customers approve their final designs within 2-3 business days of submitting their work requests.

    Are there any contracts

    There are no contracts and no hidden fees. You can cancel anytime. Simply email and we will cancel your subscription for the following month.

    Do I own all the rights to my designs

    You own all rights to your designs that we create. However, we do not take responsibility and can not be held liable for any assets you supply us for use in your designs. Please be mindful where you get stock images, fonts, logos etc from. Ask us if unsure.

    How do I send in work requests

    Once you sign up with us you will be sent a login and password to our client portal where you’ll be able to start requesting work right away.

    Can I discuss designs over the phone or in a meeting

    We communicate with our clients through our client portal and by email. You can also call to discuss your design if needed, but online communication is preferred.

    If I have a complex design job that is not included in my monthly plan can you still help

    Yes, we can. Just send us a message at, and we will quote your project.

    If you have any other questions feel free to email